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Silverstripe 3 and the future of the internet

Posted by Mo on 8 March 2011 | 8 Comments

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We do a lot of development using Silverstripe, its a great, secure, open source content management system that works brilliantly whether you are running it on Unix, Linux, Mac or Windows.

Even though Silverstripe is an open source project, the core source code is managed and developed by Silverstripe Ltd in New Zealand. A few days ago, Silverstripe Ltd's Creative Director gave an interview with SSBits about the future of Silverstripe, and the Internet in general.

One thing I found particularly interesting in the article was how he classifies Silverstripe. I never really like to call it a CMS, because it is so much more than that. Usually I find myself describing it as a CMF (as mentioned in the article), but I can't help but feel that a "Web App SDK" actually is the best way of describing it.

Silverstripe allows you to rapidly and efficiently deploy all shapes of web sites and apps while also strictly adhering to the "Code less, do more" development methodology and that is why we will keep on using it, even for projects that require far more than a basic CMS.

Original Interview