We are a customer experience agency specialising in digital business



Helped by our own research tool, data analysis and collaboration, we create strategic plans that sustain.


Customer experience

We think, design and build with the experience of the customer first, using in-house and industry best practice tools and techniques.


Digital business

Marketing technology, SaaS and eCommerce are pillars in most growth businesses. We make it our job to get the best out of them.

oomph believes


Connectedness creates new experiences every minute. At work, at home and at play our expectations are continually shaped by the products we buy and the services we use.


How should you shape those customer experiences?

We believe you should choose the hardest path. Why?


Because it’s hard to make things simple.


It’s hard to come up with ideas that are inspiring and simple.

It’s hard to create visuals that are beautiful and simple.

It’s hard to develop campaigns that are effective and simple.

It’s hard to build applications that are functional and simple.


We believe in working hard to create a customer experience that is both valuable and simple.


Image credit – INF project helping disabled children in Nepal. Christmas campaign.

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