As Police Mutual grew their affinity footprint they were reaching more people through more channels.

Customer journey mapping

UX optimisation

Web build


App build and integration

The thought


Let’s make more difference but in the right places


Creating Customer Engagement Zones



We did

Workshop facilitation and marketing planning, data analysis and scenario planning.


Out of this process,we built a model that allowed Police Mutual to look at time, places and channels as ‘customer engagement zones’.


This then determined optimisation of resources to make the biggest impact against objectives.

We did


Multiple educational videos to feed into the customer engagement zones.




User Experience Optimisation

We did


Research, working prototype technical build, information architecture and final designs of new forms for six products at the ‘apply to buy’ stage.


Over a 9-month period, we ran primary and secondary research, deploying our own tool, Decision Juice, to determine the current opportunities for improvement in the buying phase of the online experience.


The output was a radical conversational approach to simplify form structure early in the engagement and mimic call centre conversations.


The customer is at the centre of this development with unnecessary interaction being pushed further down the apply-to-buy funnel, after trust has been gained.



The thought


Customers want conversations online as well as offline.


We built

iPad applications to be used at external events, making the data capture experience easy for field agents and customers, as well as integrating with the CRM platform.


The thought


Taking it four steps at a time



Umbraco CMS upgrade through four versions



We did


Technical business case and documentation, information architecture, Umbraco development, back end integration and HTML coding. 


We also took the opportunity to reset the navigation and key page templates in a design brief, in line with initial optimisation recommendations.


Not only did this improve the customer experience, but it made for a more efficient admin user experience, saving time and money.

As a digital build partner, we provided a full technical team to re-architect the website through a multi-version upgrade.