Decision Juice Partner


CX agency oomph and massqual research platform Decision Juice combines uniquely in the world of insight generation. 

The output is a ground-breaking combination of qualitative and quantitative research from the same survey.

It provides a more agile, richer and more cost effective insight than traditional quant and qual combined research programmes and, now that COVID-19 makes face to face research a challenge, it is starting to replace qualitative programmes across the UK.

It has been deployed across financial services, automatove, retail, pharmaceutical and B2B sectors to provide key insights into:

  • Creative concept testing

  • CRM content testing

  • Proposition research

  • Need.state analysis

  • Pricing elasticity

  • Copy compliance review

  • Product design

A survey can be briefed and in field in a week, to your database or a paid-for panel profiled for your business. Dipstick analysis can be provided whilst the survey is live.

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