It's hard to make things simple

oomph and B Corp


We’ve always thought that there is more to business than the bottom line.

Of course the bottom line is important if it means the business survives. It means customers continue to get the benefits of our products and services, staff and associates continue to take a financial reward for their skills and hard work, suppliers and partners continue to be supported and perhaps even the community sees good outcomes of people working together and sharing the value they create, or receive, with others around them.

So, a couple of years later and we are well and truly on the journey having submitted our application. It has given us cause to reflect on how we do things, it has helped us refine and, we think, improve our proposition to our clients. It has already created recognition across our peer group that we are doing something worthwhile and that others will follow. We still have our bottom line – but now it is our purpose. We expect it to be hard to maintain but also expect that we will attract more like-minded staff and associates, create better, more sustainable agreements with our partners and leave a lighter footprint on the planet – though perhaps a heavier footprint on the place and community around us – in a good way.

I hope the B Corp journey becomes a cooperative and satisfying one for many people connected with oomph. If it does, then job done. And I get to be very happy about what I do. Which helps.


Stephen Priestnall, cwo & planning partner

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